Yes, Your References Are That Important

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Maintain good relationships in order to ensure positive references!

At some point in your job search, you will hear someone say, “Well, it’s not about what you know but who you know.” You’ll sigh because you know that this phrase holds some truth. This is the reason you network and the reason why you build connections. You’re attempting to build the bridge that connects you to your future job. So you go to the functions and shake hands and get numbers and hopefully, you build fruitful relationships. Your current position may not be your dream job, but its one-step closer to where you need to be. Ensuring a good relationship with your employer and colleagues is another way to retain career-related relationships, and to get resume worthy references.

References bridge the gap between your future employer and you

Your interviewer doesn’t know you. Either than how you’ve represented yourself on your resume and the small square of a photograph on your LinkedIn profile, you’re a stranger to them. Your interview is a great chance to show your personality, but references are a way to ensure you make it to the interview. When your future employer reads a positive reference from a source they know and trust, they begin to see you as someone they could potentially trust as well.

Hiring managers really do contact your references

When filling out the names, addresses, and numbers of your next application, make sure that you’re taking into consideration that the hiring manager is actually going to reach out to these individuals. Be picky about who you put on that list. Ensure that your relationship with this person was a positive one. Ensure that this person will answer in a professional manner. Ensure that this person exists. When a hiring manager reaches out to a listed reference, they want to receive positive, professional, and constructive conversation in response to your work history.

What you can do

Whether you’re currently employed or searching for employment, do your best to ensure positive relationships with the people around you. If you’re employed, impress your employer by completing all of your work in an efficient manner that proves your enthusiasm for your position. If you’re looking for work, build honest relationships with the professionals you spend your time. A good reference is earned from a good relationship, so start shaking hands.

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