How to Keep Your Cool During a Job Search

How to Keep Your Cool During a Job Search

Stressed out from your job search? Go for a jog!

Finding a job can be a stressful experience, just to say the least. What are some of the steps involved? Updating your resume and getting it out there to employers, getting job alerts sent to your phone or email inbox, and continuously applying to jobs – almost any job you can. Hundreds of pending or declined applications later, you’re starting to get desperate. So how do you keep calm and carry on? Here is how to keep your cool during a job search.

Take Your Mind Off of It

Worrying too much or stressing yourself might lead to burnout. Burnout is never a good thing for anyone. As exhausting as hunting for a new job can be, you should always take care of yourself first. Get your mind off your job search by spending time with friends and family. Refocus on your health, whether that’s mental, physical, or emotional. Think about everything that’s going well, and once you feel recharged, get back into the search.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes simplifying your life can help. How do you keep it simple? Block out any potential distractions and focus on the task at hand. While social media can be useful in your search, minimize your time spent on it. Stay away from watching TV for awhile, too – social media and TV can eat up your precious free time. Regardless, you should make time to relax, because other parts of your life won’t stop during your intensive job search. See if someone else in your family can handle some of your chores. If that doesn’t work, spend time over the weekend attending to them. Chances are you’ll complete tasks more efficiently when you’re not so tired.

Try Meditating

Have you ever tried meditating? Many famous and successful business owners and entrepreneurs, like Oprah, have practiced meditation. There are many different ways to meditate, but all of them can help reshape your brain, lower stress levels, and allow you clearer thinking to make smarter choices.

Spend Time Outdoors

If you find that you’ve confined yourself inside for too long, get outside! Spending time outdoors can pull you out of a rut. Like meditation, reconnecting with nature can improve and restore both body and mind. When you’re outside, try to exercise, too. The cooler temperatures of late summer and early fall should encourage you to go jogging.

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