Tips for Making a Positive First Impression as a Registered Nurse

Tips for Making a Positive First Impression as a Registered Nurse

It can be difficult to make a positive first impression as a doctor, and even more so as a registered nurse.

It’s no secret that medical careers are demanding. It can be difficult to make a positive first impression as a doctor, and even more so as a registered nurse. Nursing is an intensely challenging profession, and you’ll often be under a vast amount of pressure to get everything done while still being pleasant to your patients. Remember that these patients are trusting you to look after them, and by making a positive first impression, you can earn that trust far more quickly.

Punctuality is Key

First things first, punctuality is key. Although it’s important for a patient to be on time for an appointment, it is even more important for a registered nurse. You should always keep in mind that time is a valuable resource for everyone. Since you wouldn’t want to waste your own time, you should strive not to waste your patients’ time either. Being on time for appointments shows your dedication to your patients. If you came late or did not come at all, not only would it upset your patient, but it would make a poor first impression as well. You should focus on establishing your credibility and beginning a fruitful relationship with your patient as early as possible. After all, your credibility can be one of the best ways to help get them feeling better than they did before.

Dress Well

Another way to improve your standing with your patients is to dress well. How you look goes a long way towards someone forming an opinion about who you are and your potential performance. Maintaining a high degree of professionalism is essential to your success when you are a registered nurse. Not only do you need to be warm and friendly, but you must also ensure you look like you belong in your chosen field. Here are some ways to make sure that you always appear professional when on the job:

  • Keep your uniform clean and neat all the time.
  • Avoid wearing gaudy jewelry or too much makeup.
  • Look after your fingers and your fingernails and make sure they’re kept short but also kept clean.
  • Always wear clean shoes. Dirty shoes can send the wrong messages about you.

Keep Eye Contact

Good eye contact is vital for fostering trust and convincing people to listen to you. When you first enter a room, immediately make eye contact with your patients and greet them enthusiastically. Maintain eye contact for a few moments, but don’t let it go on uncomfortably long. After all, you want to communicate to your patients that you care about them, but you also don’t want to be too off-putting this early in your new relationship. A negative first impression can be a major setback, but it isn’t as influential as a positive first impression. By following these tips, you can start helping your patients look forward to getting treatment from you.

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