High Turnover and Healthcare Staffing Unpredictability

Negative Effects for Low-Wage Healthcare Workers Specifically


Keeping you hospital staffed with the most experienced registered nurses and nursing technicians will keep things running smoothly in a high-stress environment.

The necessity to fully staff 24-hour blocks 7 days a week leaves room for some serious staffing shortcomings in the healthcare industry. Hospitals are always open. It can get a bit complicated when trying to staff every hour of the week including holidays. Such a system creates an extremely unpredictable work environment, especially for low-wage healthcare workers; nurses and nursing assistants specifically. Often at a greater disadvantage, individuals in this field are overwhelmingly female with children and thus a need for financial stability. Unfortunately, restrictive sick time and attendance policies may force these workers to be present on days they aren’t feeling their best. The healthcare industry’s need for consistently staffed hospitals will give low-wage workers those much-needed sick days and keep those germs away from vulnerable patients. Your facility can work around healthcare staffing unpredictability if an abundance of skilled registered nurses, nursing technicians, licensed nurse practitioners etc. are readily and conveniently available to you.

What High Turnover Rates Mean for Healthcare Staffing

High turnover is expensive. It costs money to constantly hire, fully-train, and integrate new employees. If low-wage hospital workers are constantly coming and going in quick, monthly intervals it can beextremely detrimental to your facilities’ budget. High turnover rates will also threaten quality of care. If hospitals are constantly filled with beginner staff who are still getting the hang of things, actively learning, and fresh out of training it leaves room for error. Depending on a trusted staffing agency could be key to finding those highly skilled, driven nurses who will stick around for a while. Hiring highly skilled, certified nursing assistants and registered nurses with experience will quickly bypass the negative effects of high turnover. If you have a pool of skilled low-wage hospital staff on-hand, it’s not going to matter if they come and go quickly. Trusting in a trained, prompt, professional employee could be the solution to your complicated staffing needs.

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