Healthcare Industry News: Certified Medical Assistant Salaries and Possible Job Positions Expected to Grow


Professional certified medical assistants are in high demand in the healthcare industry.

Doctor visits require a fully staffed team of medical professionals working together to ensure patient satisfaction. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are a business, so quality teamwork ethics paired with organized, systematic processes when those with serious maladies rely on you for help is extremely important to the industry. Fortunately, with healthcare gaining a solid footing, and maintaining it as it is a required commodity in our world today, job positions and salaries in the field are expected to grow astronomically. Medical assistants, specifically, are those who greet the patient at the beginning of the appointment with status indicators such as blood pressure testing, height/weight recording, and temperature taking. A combination of office work and patient interactions, certified medical assistants may also man the front desk, answer phones, file insurance forms, while drawing blood and administering injections. Interested in learning more about gaining a solid footing in your career path? Read on to find out about why the demand for certified medical assistants has skyrocketed in recent years.

Aging Boomers

With an extremely large population of aging Americans, the rising demand for medical assistants is based on a societal need to treat its elderly. The post World War 2 era saw a huge population growth with soldiers returning to war and wishing to bring a sense of normalcy back to their lives after experiencing years of traumatic combat. What with thousands upon thousands of young men returning to America and making new families there was a gigantic, noteworthy population boom. The generation associated with this growth period is now referred to as ‘the baby boomers’. Now in the throws of their aging processes, America has a vast number of people experiencing health complications that come with old age. Because they are so widespread and prevalent, the healthcare industry has had to beef up its staffing to adequately handle our country’s population demand for widespread, accessible healthcare.

Ease of Assimilation

The training process to become a certified medical assistant is, by no means, overly rigorous. Requiring just a high school diploma, the job can be learned with good streamlined, organized training. Additionally, there are a variety of one-year certification internships or two-year associate’s degrees that can be easily taken to ensure better on-the-job pay. After all, the more qualified you are, the bigger opportunity you’ll have to more money.

A Growing Salary

The BLS states that the median wage for a certified medical assistant was between $29,000 and $42,000 with the best-paid assistants working in development services and personal care services. Location wise, medical assistants in San Jose, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco bring in the biggest bucks. With growing salary levels based on proven qualifications and geographic area, becoming a medical assistant is the best option for those looking for highly accessible and consistently available work. Becoming one could be as easing as speaking to a reputable staffing agency.

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