Getting Enough Sleep as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Getting Enough Sleep as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Whether you are a full-fledged nurse, or a certified nursing assistant (CNA), getting enough sleep can be a daunting challenge.

Whether you are a full-fledged nurse, or a certified nursing assistant (CNA), getting enough sleep can be a daunting challenge. Long shifts, of twelve hours or more, can tax your strength and endurance. Sometimes, you may even find yourself working double shifts. Either way, when you work as a certified nursing assistant, sleep deprivation is a common obstacle to overcome.  What else can sleep deprivation do to you? It can make you unhealthy, make you weak and tired, and interfere with your ability to take care of your patients. So why is it so important that you get the right amount of sleep?

Staying On Your Toes

If you get enough sleep, you’ll be more alert. Being alert and quick to respond to anything that happens around you is a critical skill when you work as a certified nursing assistant. When you sleep, it allows you to recharge. When you feel renewed and energized, you can do a better job of remembering everything you need to, and operate more efficiently. Not getting the proper amount of sleep will make you feel slow and sluggish, something you can’t afford.

Stronger Immune System

When you work in the healthcare sector, you’ll probably be seeing sick and injured patients every day, all day. If your immune system is compromised due to a lack of sleep, you could easily get sick. If you’re sick, you won’t be able to concentrate and even standing up can be difficult. Sleep improves your body’s immune system and its ability to resist infection. Get more sleep, and stay healthier!

A Healthier Heart

You should give your heart some time to relax, as well. Did you know that your heart is one of your most vital organs and one of the muscles that works the hardest in your entire body? Your blood pressure levels go down while you’re asleep, meaning your heart doesn’t have to pump as much. Sleeping also helps relieve the pressure on your blood vessels, too. Both your heart and blood vessels benefit when you sleep, as your body can repair the blood vessels. You’ll feel healthier, and you’ll be in a better mood, which is essential for making a good first impression. When you feel fresh and energetic, it’ll also be easier to manage the stress and fatigue brought on by the demands of nursing. So, just remember that when you feel at the top of your game, you can give your patients your very best effort as well.

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