The Various Roles of a Principal in Schools

school principal

In today’s schools, the principal has many significant duties to perform on a daily basis.

In today’s schools, the principal has many significant duties to perform on a daily basis. Leadership is important, as is constant tracking of teacher performance. Maintaining high levels of student discipline (i.e. that the discipline remains excellent) is an important part of the job for a school principal. Principals work as hard as their teachers do, and put in long hours as well.

A Principal Leads Their School

As implied by the title, a principal is a key figure in their school. They are strong leaders, and the best leaders exemplify this leadership through the power of positivity, as well being excited to be present every day, not to mention involved in the daily goings-on of the school. As part of being good leaders, principals also strive to be there for their teachers, their staff, and members of the community.

A Principal Keeps Track of Teacher Performance

School districts and state education departments set guidelines and protocols for tracking teacher performance. Thus, another important role a principal must undertake is regularly inspecting teachers and reviewing their performance. Reasonable and thoroughly-documented inspections are essential in determining how well teachers are teaching. Principals should spend as much time as they can, experiencing the daily routines of a classroom, to see what really happens. Feedback during these evaluations should be based on achievable goals and outcomes, and the best principals will help their teachers meet these goals.

A Principal Looks After Their Students

The school itself is important, as are the teachers. But schools cannot function without students. And students should be looked after, reassured of their safety, and encouraged to succeed. Often, principals encounter student discipline through referrals from teachers. Seeing students who are sent in by teacher referral can occasionally consume large portions of the school day, but it is still important to see things through with students.

Principals must weigh as much evidence as can be presented, without reacting quickly. Essentially, a school principal decides the outcome of how a student should be disciplined. The most effective school principals are careful to keep detailed records on file pertaining to student discipline. Reasonable decisions are vital, as are communicating with the students’ parents about why the decision was made, and the consequences of such decisions.

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