How Teachers Can Earn Extra Income


Teachers are vital contributors to the fabric of society and the future of our children, but they are often undervalued.

Teachers are vital contributors to the fabric of society and the future of our children, but they are often undervalued. If you’re a teacher, discover how you can supplement your income and put your talents to good use.

Teachers Can Be Tutors Too

Tutoring is often the quickest solution that teachers consider when it comes to earning extra income. Teachers often start by tutoring their students, especially students they notice are struggling. But to make the most of the tutoring venture, teachers should consult with their principals and see if they can make connections outside the school as well. Coordinators within the school district can find more outlets for potential tutors. Another great way to maximize tutoring potential is for teachers to offer their skills in an area they specialize in – for example, math teachers could help tutor students who are having a tough time in chemistry class and other sciences since the disciplines of math and science overlap so well.

Join the Virtual Education Rush

Teaching courses online is another possible avenue for teachers to make some additional money. Virtual education is booming, and teachers can cash in by teaching during their nights or over the summer. Virtual education is becoming a popular choice for many school districts, extending these courses to students who are unable to attend school in a traditional setting, or if any students wish to work ahead during their summer vacations.

Offer Plans and Materials Online

Lesson plans and course materials are useful enough for regular teaching. Years of experience will breed plenty of ideas for lessons and materials to use. Many sites online offer a way to sell these materials. However, teachers should note that if there are protocols against this step, they should avoid it at all costs, as it may be unethical and even illegal.

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