What Exactly Does a Director of Education Do?

What Exactly Does a Director of Education Do?

A director of education might first start out as a classroom teacher.

As the name implies, a director of education is responsible for any and all components of an educational program. Most of the time, holding a master’s degree in the field of education is preferable, but it is not always necessary. Sometimes, a director of education will also have to be properly licensed, much like teachers need to be certified. Let’s find out more about what a director of education truly does on a daily basis.

Education and Licensing

The title “director of education” refers to an administrative position. Many educators begin their careers as classroom teachers. After accruing years of classroom experience, educators can choose to specialize in other areas. Becoming a teacher already involves years of education and training, but becoming a director of education requires completing degree programs in the areas of curriculum development and administration. Holding a master’s degree in administration or leadership is considered to be a significant advantage.

Many states across the country expect their education directors to be licensed as well. For some of these states, a standard teaching license is sufficient, but in others, a license for education administration is the preferred level of certification. Licensing standards differ by state. However, one element common to every state’s licensing procedures is the examination. Assessment is a crucial part of education  – not only for students in public schools, but for aspiring educators to prove that they are adequately qualified for such an influential and demanding career.

What the Job Entails

Once they are licensed and certified, a director of education is tasked with organizing the curriculum or teaching methods for either a school or a wider school system. Occasionally, directors of education can also be employed at other learning institutions that aren’t considered schools – for instance, museums, businesses, and nonprofits might all need a director of education but are not a traditional educational setting. The directors must work with committees and community groups to design the best curricula they can for their students.

Other Responsibilities

The director of education is also responsible for choosing the best textbooks. If any other supplies or materials that are necessary, education directors must purchase these items as well. Along with creating new materials and innovating new teaching techniques, a director of education will also be called upon to perform evaluations of their teachers and offer them feedback based on the results of the evaluation.

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