5 Qualities of an Exceptional Teacher

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What makes you a great teacher?

The best teachers share similar qualities that make them all great at their profession. Whether it be attentiveness to detail, a fondness for the students, or a deep love for the subject material, good teachers are able to make a mark in their field. Here are a few qualities that truly great teachers possess.

Organizational Skills

The best buildings are built on a firm foundation. For a teacher, that foundation is great organizational skills. Depending on the school, a teacher could be responsible for 15-30 students at a time. If that teacher happens to work at a middle or high school, they’re responsible for many more pupils. Organizational skills provide the structure necessary to care for so many pupils.

Love of the Subject

Students are much more apt to become excited about a subject when the teacher instructs the material with genuine enthusiasm. Students aren’t going to be excited to learn every day, but a teacher with a love for the subject is able to give their students the joy of sharing something they love.


The ability to accept that you aren’t always right about something is a quality that makes for a great teacher. Teachers are academics, and being an academic means that you’re willing to learn more than you already know.


The hard days can leave you cowering under your desk dreading the next period. Students are tough and it’s not only your job to teach them, but your job to ensure that they’re cooperating. Unruly students and unpredictable environments can leave a teacher questioning the profession. But the resilient teachers persevere.

Love of the Challenge

A great teacher sees a challenge and is inspired by it. He/she doesn’t avoid a challenging topic or student because of its difficulty. Rather, a great teacher sees challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. At the end of the day, every teacher is still a student and possesses a desire to learn.

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