The 5 Characteristics That Define A Special Education Teacher

The 5 Characteristics That Define A Special Education Teacher

What are five characteristics that define a special education teacher?

Teachers and special education teachers are some of the most influential figures in any child’s life. Even when the school year is over, and even after decades have passed, the most influential teachers will be still be remembered with fondness and admiration. Inspiration and encouragement are two important factors that can help any child succeed in school, and they are even more important for children who are exceptional learners. What are five characteristics that define a special education teacher?


As with mainstream teachers, special education teachers must be highly organized. Being organized is an essential skill for any teacher to have, and when balancing the needs of many exceptional learners, the more organized you can be, the more success you will have. If a special education teacher can keep a neat and tidy room with set routines and everything in its right place, the children will also feel encouraged to do their best. Some simple ways to stay organized in the classroom include:

  • Color coordinating folders, cubbies, or baskets
  • Labels for important areas
  • Communication notebook for the parents
  • Excellent record-keeping

Calming the Students

Because the classroom can get quite hectic, a good special education teacher should also be able to relax their students. No matter what sort of excitement is going on, the best special education teachers can reduce classroom stress, creating a safer environment for everyone.

Ability to Adapt

Every day in the classroom is different. Even the best teachers can’t predict what will happen on a given day, even with the most detailed planning. Flexibility is another crucial skill a special education teacher needs, especially when it comes to modeling an ability to adapt for their students.

Sense of Humor

Keeping the atmosphere light and cheerful is another critical step in creating a safer environment for everybody. A special education teacher needs to know the right time to laugh and to help their students laugh at appropriate times as well.

A Love for Children

All of these characteristics are vital traits for every special education teacher to exhibit. Ultimately, they need to foster a love for their students and their career. Children will know when they feel loved, and love will motivate and uplift them to do better.

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