5 Ways to Boost Your Job Search

The job search has never been a simple or easy process. It takes hard work, resilience, and a lot of confidence, which can be difficult to keep up during challenging times.

Some may say finding a job is impossible right now, but we believe there’s more opportunity than ever. If you look closely, there are so many ways for you to reinvent yourself, prepare your portfolio, and invest in developing your skills.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

Take a Moment to Pause. Before you hit ‘apply’ on the first job opening, take a moment to research the job and company culture to make sure it’s a good fit for your long-term goals. In times of crisis, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and rush through important decisions, so take time to reflect on your career goals and make a solid strategy.

Keep Networking. Take advantage of online networking tools such as LinkedIn to meet new contacts, or reconnect with colleagues. Take time to research your industry, and explore companies that interest you. Since in-person events will be cancelled for a while, The Muse suggests inviting your contacts to meet you for virtual coffee.

Continue Learning. Remember, knowledge is power. There are so many free resources to learn new skills and keep your mind active such as SkillShare and LinkedIn Learning. Think about the skills you might need for your dream job, and see if you can get your certifications while you wait.

Embrace Technology. Getting used to technology is more important than ever. According to Forbes, get comfortable by practicing common interview questions on the phone with a friend and prepare your camera and audio before every video interview.

Stay Engaged. Whatever you do, don’t stop applying. It’s normal to feel like giving up is the easier option, but remember that it won’t get you closer to your next job. Before you quit, try adjusting your strategy, like using these 10 resume tips from Glassdoor.

As always, our caring team of recruiters are here to help. If you have any career questions, or are interested in one of our open positions on our Alignstaffing App or site, give us a call today here.