How to exercise your mind, body and soul during tough times

This challenging time actually presents new opportunities for growth. During your downtime, it’s important to keep your mind motivated and sharpen your skills.

Here are a few ideas:

 For your mind

  • LinkedIn Learning has free courses to help you refine your professional skills, whether it’s managing conflict, acting with compassion, pitching yourself, or dealing with fear. Check them out here.
  • What’s the one skill you’ve always wanted to learn? Now is your chance to do it. Online learning sites like SkillShare offer free courses in business, art, writing, and much more.

For your body

  • If you have WiFi, you have a gym. Check out these free workout classes from Orangetheory, Peloton, Crunch Fitness, and more. Explore here.
  • Feeling too stressed or busy for a full workout? That’s okay. Try something simple instead, like these easy yoga poses from Yoga Journal.

For your soul

  • Yale University is offering its popular course, The Science of Well-Being, for free. By combining positive psychology with real-life applications of behavioral science, this course will help you build the habits to discover true happiness. Sign up here.
  • Incorporating meditation into your routine has been proven to reduce stress, help you sleep, and improve productivity at work. Try out Headspace or Calm to get started.