Embrace the unexpected: Focus on your business in times of crisis  

Through an economic downturn, natural disaster, or public health concern – your day-to-day concerns are tougher to manage during a crisis.

You still have to push forward and manage your budgets, provide your staff with comfort and resources, and address stakeholder concerns before paying attention to any personal need.

Take more time for reflection: With even less time to spare, it might seem strange to suggest that you should take a breath. But you should, and here’s why. Taking action today can save tomorrow’s problems.

Set aside thirty minutes to an hour to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges facing my company, and how can I prepare to address them?
  • What departments or teams need more resources, and how can I give them more access?
  • Who needs more attention on my team, and how can I support them?

Plan for the worst-case scenario: The unknown is scary, but being unprepared for the future is absolutely terrifying. Although most nightmares never come true, you must anticipate that they will and adapt accordingly. Your company will be a lot healthier with a backup strategy.

Be flexible, don’t stay stuck: It’s easy to run away from fear, but your company depends on your leadership during the bad and good days. Use your community, your network, and your friend and family members as trusted advisors through whatever you’re going through. You never know what idea might come out of a tough time, or prepare you for what’s down the road.