Understanding Your Benefits & Perks

Are you making the most out of your benefits?

As one of our talent members, you deserve to be supported 24/7, not just at your job site. That’s why we offer our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through BalanceWorks.

Explore below to find the benefits that best fit your needs. If you have any questions, reach out to our talent services team here.


Legal & Financial Consultations

Life can always throw you a curveball, and if you’re unsure if a lawyer should be involved, try tapping into your legal benefit first.

We offer access to qualified legal consultants for advice or local referrals for financial management, budgeting, buying a home, bankruptcy, will preparation, immigration issues, ID theft resources, etc.


Wellness Services

See where your health stands with a complimentary Detailed Health Risk Assessment (HRA), and up to three sessions with a personal wellness coordinator to connect you with wellness services.


Mental Health

We’re always here to listen. Get 24/7 access to three confidential counseling sessions, and a follow up with a qualified counselor.


Pharmacy Deals

Getting a prescription filled? You may qualify for discount pricing on commonly used prescription medications at participating pharmacies.


Entertainment Discounts

Need a break? See the sites with reduced rates on exclusive travel and entertainment


Personalized Web Portal

Not sure what you need? Communicate directly with a virtual personal assistant through our web portal, complete with a variety of e-learning resources and tools for personal and professional development


Dedicated Personal Assistants

Resolve all your questions with a personal assistant, who will help you get access to referrals, research, or information on a variety of topics including…

  • Travel
  • Childcare
  • Financial informational
  • Relocation
  • Home Projects
  • Eldercare
  • Pet Care
  • Automatic services
  • Academic informations
  • Event planning
  • Medical information

On the go? All this information is all available in the BalanceWorks mobile app too.

Questions about your benefits? Contact the talent services team here.

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