The Real Facts About Staffing Companies You Should Know

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in the United States hovered somewhere around 5 to 5.5%. While we’ve seen higher rates within the last ten years, those still aren’t great numbers. And most unemployed professionals, as well as companies looking to hire, aren’t aware just how helpful staffing companies can be.


Staffing companies create dream jobs and staff dream employees–it’s a win-win!

While temp agencies and other employment organizations tend to get a bad reputation, tailored staffing services such as Alignstaffing are vastly different from the typical agency. And yes, you can escape unemployment (and even find a dream job!) with a staffing company—you just have to find the right one. The same goes for companies looking to hire; some of the most qualified professionals come to a company from a quality staffing service.

You’re probably here because you’re still in the dark about the facts of a staffing company: what they do, how they do it, how beneficial they truly are, and more. Luckily, we’ve done all the research for you and compiled it here so you can finally learn the truth about these companies and what they can (or cannot) do for you.

Fact #1: Not all staffing companies are created equally.

It makes sense, but it’s often forgotten. One bad experience with one agency tends to drive an individual away from the incredibly beneficial services of a good staffing company. The truth is there are PLENTY of options out there when it comes to staffing services, and there’s definitely a right one for you.

You want to begin by taking a look at your qualifications, certifications, licensing, and experience. If you’re a registered nurse or certified medical assistant, you don’t want to pick a company that typically places construction or technology professionals. Or maybe you do, if that’s your thing; most likely, however, you want a job in the medical field. So what you REALLY need is a staffing company that specializes in healthcare staffing so you can be placed in the perfect position for you.

If you own a company or are a part of a company’s team looking to hire qualified individuals, you should follow the same criteria. There are a lot of options out there, some of which are bound to specialize in your needs (like education staffing, for example).

Fact #2: Staffing services aren’t just for temporary positions.

Another common misconception about staffing services is they only provide temporary positions. While the so-called ‘temp agencies’ may be the exception, many staffing companies place permanent positions as well. A staffing company more aligned towards personalized staffing and specializations will oftentimes offer services for both temporary and permanent work.


Staffing companies do more for clients and potential employees than most people think.

So yes, if your company is looking to replace a valuable employee for someone who won’t be moving on in 6 months, a staffing service can provide you with an amazing solution. In fact, companies who specialize in finding long-term positions for certified, licensed, and otherwise qualified individuals do exist. Expand your search and do your research, and you’ll find temporary agencies fill only a quarter of staffing company options.

Fact #3: You CAN get a dream job through a staffing company—easily.

If the service is reputable and knowledgeable, they will know how to place individuals into qualified positions they will love. This actually happens frequently, although you’ll hear more about how a temp agency put someone in a terrible job. Why is that? Well, that’s just how people work—we’re much more likely to complain about a bad experience than we are to commend a great one.

When you’re looking for the perfect staffing company for you, take a good look at the reviews and testimonials. A company that has a history of good placement will have great reviews and testimonials from both ends—the employers and the employed.

Fact #4: You can also hire a dream professional through a staffing company.

Those looking for a job aren’t the only ones to benefit from a staffing company. In fact, more and more businesses are turning to quality staffing services to fill temporary and permanent positions. But what are the benefits of staffing through a service versus conducting a hiring campaign yourself? Well, since you asked:

  • Selective hiring process picks out qualified individuals
  • Won’t need to manage internet job postings
  • Creative ideas for hiring campaigns
  • Less work…MUCH less!

You may be familiar with posting job positions online, or trying to manage a hiring campaign yourself. With many industries, and especially when it comes to social services staffing, a hurricane of unqualified resumes come knocking at your inbox. Then, after sorting through what you can, you start interviewing only to discover you’ve been inaccurately advertising the job position, and the more qualified individuals still aren’t exactly what you need.

Take a look at how staffing is done with a company who knows the trade and does it well:

“When we tried to do this on our own, the recruiting process took so much time, only to find out that we didn’t have our job descriptions quite right and would be stuck interviewing candidates that didn’t really meet our needs. Align helped us hone in on what was missing from our descriptions and our process. Now, we are always impressed with the pool of qualified behavioral specialists and case managers alignstaffing has been able to offer us.”

—P.B., agency manager</blockquote>

And that’s the kind of solution you’re looking for. The future of hiring is in specialized staffing companies, and that’s not a bad thing.

Fact #5: You’ll learn a lot, which is great.

If you’re working with a good service, that is. A great staffing company isn’t just an archive of resumes filing people under jobs like a machine. You will have a relationship with the company, which is extremely beneficial for potential employees and employers alike.

For instance, we have a process we follow with all of our clients called Rapport™. We go above and beyond during the process of staffing to provide personal and tailored analysis, screening, orientations, and more. This benefits both the companies who are hiring, and the individuals seeking to be employed.


Working with staffing companies is a great learning opportunity for both client and employee.

When looking for a staffing company to represent your business, or when looking to find a job through one, they should be just as hands-on. If they’re not, you’re not learning, you’re not growing, and you won’t be as satisfied with your results. In this day and age, tailored services are expected, so anyone falling behind in the game shouldn’t be trusted with something as valuable as staffing.

So make sure staffing services are a part of your plan.

A good staffing company provides valuable opportunities which truly can’t be passed up. Before long, outsourced staffing solutions will be standard; THAT’s how beneficial they are. The statistics are there to back it up, too. In fact, in a survey done by the American Staffing Association:

  • 9/10 people said a staffing company made them more “employable”.
  • About 76% of people hired through a staffing service work full time.
  • There are nearly 17,000 staffing services in the U.S. alone—a number that is quickly growing due to demand.

These numbers should come as no surprise. Companies and businesses want assistance in filling positions with qualified individuals, and those individuals want assistance finding the best position for them. These numbers will only continue to rise over the next 10 years, so make sure staffing solutions are a part of your plan.

And, finally, the possibilities are endless!

It might sound cheesy, but if you’ve learned anything from this article, hopefully it’s how helpful an experienced, specialized staffing service can be for both companies and prospective employees. The most powerful weapon against finding a dream job or employee is being uneducated about your options. There are wonderful, hands-on and experienced staffing companies out there, and they’re not far from you.

Shameless plug here: we fit in that category. Our healthcare staffing, education staffing, and social services staffing rank well above others in the area. We focus on our clients and bringing the best opportunities to the table to create lasting solutions.

Perhaps you’re not in range of our locations (check with us first to make sure!), and that’s alright—there are great staffing services out there, we promise. Take what you learned and find a solution that’s right for you. We’ve done our part in giving you the knowledge needed to take the next step, and by leading by example.

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