Stand With Social Workers

social work

Do you stand with social workers?

March is National Social Work month and it’s important that we support and celebrate the social workers who positively impact so many lives every day. This year, the National Association of Social Workers is commemorating the month with a “Social Workers Stand Up” campaign. Are you standing up with social workers?

Understand the Theme

Social workers stand up by comforting people who are experiencing devastating illnesses and mental health crises, ensuring that they get the best care while on the road to recovery. If social workers can stand up for people in need, then we can stand up to honor their work this month.

The Social Work Toolkit

You can find the social work toolkit available at This informative resource provides background information and tools that you’ll need for a successful Social Work Month promotion campaign. The toolkit offers free materials for you to access and download.

Social Work Merchandise

Whether you work in the field or you’re pursuing a career in social work, wear your passion with pride with social work merchandise. Here you’ll find t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and other fun products that showcase your social work pride in style.

The Proclamation

Read the National Social Work month proclamation here. Familiarize yourself with the profession by learning what it means to be a social worker. “The primary mission of the Social Work profession is to enhance well-being and help meet the basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in society.”

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