Preparing for the new world of work

 As workplaces begin to open their doors again, we want to ensure you’re equipped with the resources and COVID-19 requirements you need to get hired for in-person assignments.

Below are a few updates you should be aware of:


  • Most clients will require proof of the COVID-19 Vaccination prior to starting an assignment next school year. For candidates who plan to start working at the beginning of next school year and are getting Pfizer or Moderna, they should plan to get their first dose at least one month prior to the start of the year mid to end of July) so they are fully vaccinated in time.


  • In some circumstances, our clients may require COVID-19 testing prior to entering the workplace. Check with your local health department for resources.

To book your appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine, head here for our full list of resources.

Other Vaccinations

Candidates who need a TB test as part of their medical clearance should be aware that if they have recently gotten the COVID-19 Vaccine, they must wait at least four weeks before getting the TB Test.

Other Requirements

  • For early childhood professionals in Washington DC, the OSSE still requires a OSSE Suitability Letter, OSSE Health Certificate (Physical and TB Test), Drug Test, Alcohol Test, and applicable Early Childhood certifications to be deemed eligible to work.


  • Washington DC and Maryland require employees and employers to complete an employment history review background check for all former employers in which the employee worked with minors. Candidates should be prepared with this information to ensure they get through the hiring process as quickly as possible.

We’re excited to help you find your next opportunity safely!

If you have any questions on the items above, don’t hesitate to reach out to our talent services team here.