How to Prepare for Your Alignstaffing Interview

One way to fight the job interview jitters? Prepare your responses ahead of time. To make it easy, we’ve rounded up a list of our commonly asked questions, and top interview tips from our team of Talent Acquisition Specialists.

What qualities are we looking for?

Our talent work with populations from all learning backgrounds, and we want every student to have a positive experience.

That’s why we specifically look for talent that are enthusiastic, patient, and responsible. If you can think of a few times when you’ve displayed those qualities in a previous role, we encourage you to bring those stories to your interview.


Questions for Teachers:

How do you manage a classroom?

What is your comfortability level with different age groups?

How do you plan to build strong connections with students and coworkers?


Questions for Dedicated Aides:

What is your experience working with students with special needs?

How do you manage a student’s emotional and educational progress?

When conflict arises, how do you keep the class calm?


How to Prepare for the Day of Your Interview:

Set the Scene.

Find a quiet place to conduct your interview, and make sure you don’t have any interruptions for the next 30 minutes.

Test Your Equipment.

If your interview is virtual, check your sound and camera quality to make sure it’s ready to go.

Read the Job Description.

Take notes on the qualifications we’re looking for, and prepare examples of why you would be a good fit for the role, or how you plan to learn along the way.

Review Your Resume.

Think about what questions your interviewer might ask you based off your experience, and tell stories about each of your roles.

Bring the Right Materials.

If you have a teaching license or certification, make sure you have those materials ready. During your interview, we can also direct you to the right certifications you need for our available roles.

Keep the Conversation Going.

Asking thoughtful questions throughout your interview is a great way to show that you care. Try to avoid one-word answers and keep your tone of voice positive throughout. Don’t be afraid to show your personality – we want to get to know you!

Be Confident.

Okay, easier said than done. We get it. But remember if you made it to the interview process, you deserve to be here, and you should be proud of this milestone.

Having confidence in your abilities will give us the confidence that you can easily jump into your new role.


Final Tip:

If you don’t meet all the requirements, we’re always happy to talk with talent who are interested in joining the education or social work field, and see if there are roles you can get started in.

For instance, if you don’t have direct teaching experience, you still might be qualified for one of our substitute roles or teacher’s assistant roles.

Think back to a time you may have worked with children, whether it be coaching sports, working at a daycare experience, or volunteering. And then, include those experiences on your resume and explain how your skills can transfer to the role you’re applying for.

If you have a question about your qualifications, shoot a note to

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