Overcome Teacher Shortages with an Education Staffing Agency

Today, the teacher shortage in the United States is creating challenges for nearly all schools and districts throughout the country. Often, traditional hiring methods aren’t sufficient to fill every vacancy, and that leaves schools shorthanded. Fortunately, partnering with education staffing agencies makes securing the skilled, reliable educators and administrators your school or district needs simpler and more cost-effective.

Ultimately, teaching staffing agencies are a valuable resource, offering increased access to talent and providing expertise that makes navigating the current landscape manageable. If you’re wondering how your school or district can overcome teacher shortages with support from education staffing services, here’s what you need to know.

Understanding the Teacher Shortage

The existing teacher shortage isn’t technically a new problem, and it wasn’t unforeseen. Back in 1984, experts anticipated issues were on the horizon, citing low salary growth as a point of concern. Shifts in education funding also created new challenges, particularly in the wake of the Great Recession.

Lackluster compensation made teaching a less attractive profession, especially as the cost of acquiring the necessary degrees continued climbing. The landscape worsened once more following the pandemic. COVID-19 made teaching a far more stressful profession, either due to health concerns or the need to adapt to remote education. Couple that with low pay, and teaching became an even less attractive profession.

Since the pandemic, political shifts have also made an impact. New rules and regulations at the state level didn’t always mesh with teachers’ perspectives, driving some away from specific districts or states or causing them to leave the profession entirely. Ultimately, demand for teachers far outpaces supply, and 86 percent of public schools say they’re struggling to hire the educators they need to fully staff classrooms. That’s why exploring alternative hiring resources is essential, as it allows schools and districts to access more of the talent they need.

How Do Education Staffing Agencies Work?

Teacher staffing agencies are specialized recruitment firms that assist schools and districts with finding the qualified teachers they need to fill various vacancies. Typically, the support they provide is multi-faceted, increasing access to talent while simultaneously streamlining hiring processes.

When a school or district partners with a provider, they get immediate access to the agency’s vast talent database. The recruiters will compare the requirements of the vacant positions to the experience and skills offered by the available candidates, potentially finding immediate matches who can fill a role immediately.

If a strong fit isn’t available in the existing talent database, education staffing services launch a candidate sourcing process. Since the recruiters are highly adept at engaging talent and meeting them where they are, they drive results far quicker than many traditional recruitment approaches.

When a suitable job seeker is identified, the recruitment firm moves on to vetting. They’ll review candidate resumes, conduct initial screening interviews, verify credentials, check references, and take other steps to ensure quality, all before recommending a candidate to a school or district. The process is comprehensive but highly refined, accelerating timelines while making sure that selected teachers are the best possible fit. That removes a significant burden from the plates of schools and districts, allowing them to focus solely on top talent when selecting candidates.

After a placement, teacher staffing agencies also provide ongoing support. They’ll assess a placed teacher’s performance, welcome feedback, and offer insights to increase the new hire’s odds of success. This is ultimately a boon for schools and districts, as it leads to better long-term results.

How Education Staffing Agencies Can Help Schools Overcome Teacher Shortages

Education Staffing Agencies Accelerate Teacher Recruitment

By partnering with education staffing agencies, schools and districts dramatically accelerate teacher recruitment. As mentioned above, recruitment firms maintain robust databases brimming with qualified talent, many of which can begin in a new position immediately. Additionally, the recruiters are highly experienced in modern candidate sourcing techniques, allowing them to secure additional job seekers quickly who can meet nearly any need.

Another benefit of the recruitment services is a focus on candidate engagement. The recruiters understand the importance of transparent communication and ongoing job seeker support. That functionally elevates the candidate experience, ensuring top talent remains interested in your openings throughout the hiring process.

Education Staffing Agencies Have Access to a Wide Range of Qualified Teachers

Education staffing services focus on the education industry, but they do so in a broad way. The recruitment team doesn’t limit its efforts to specific types of educators or administrators. Instead, they connect with a wide range of qualified teachers, allowing them to support all of the hiring needs of schools and districts.

At Alignstaffing, our hiring programs increase access to a broad array of educators. Our education placements include:

● Principals

● Administrators

● General Education Teachers

● Special Education Teachers

● Substitute Teachers

● Teacher’s Assistants

● And More

We also support a variety of educational institutions, including public and private charter schools, boutique education institutions, and education management companies. Our consultants also focus on individual niches, ensuring schools and districts get access to critical expertise that empowers them to achieve their hiring goals.

Teacher Staffing Services are Tailored to Your School’s Needs

When hiring teachers, not all schools or districts have the exact same needs. By working with a recruitment firm that specializes in education, schools and districts get access to customizable solutions that make accomplishing their unique goals possible.

Teaching staffing agencies can support hiring for specific subjects, programs, and grade levels. Additionally, they have programs designed to assist with filling support or administrative roles. That allows schools and districts to get the exact help they need through a highly tailored but comprehensive solution.

Leverage Flexible Staffing Solutions with an Education Staffing Agency

Through education staffing agencies, schools and districts can get the flexible solutions they need to meet various needs. Recruitment firms can fill long-term and permanent positions, as well as short-term and temporary ones.

Your recruiter can also provide access to qualified temporary teachers while your school or district works to identify the ideal permanent candidate. Additionally, they can make substitute teachers more accessible, allowing schools to manage planned or unexpected short-term or long-term absences effectively.

What are the Benefits of Partnering with an Education Staffing Agency to Overcome Teacher Shortages?

Education Staffing Agencies are Cost-Effective

Using teacher staffing agencies to fill vacancies is a cost-effective approach to hiring. Schools and districts spend less on candidate sourcing, as that’s all managed through the recruitment firm. Additionally, the recruiters handle a variety of initial screening processes, eliminating additional expenses that can strain school and district budgets.

Plus, schools and districts only pay their recruiters if a suitable candidate is identified. That dramatically reduces the financial risk of hiring, as payment isn’t owed until a qualified teacher is selected and begins in the position.

By using education staffing services, school administrators and district hiring managers also reduce their workloads. They don’t have to focus their energy on recruitment and hiring processes, allowing them to concentrate on other high-priority duties.

Education Staffing Services Focus on Quality Assurance

When you partner with education staffing agencies, the services offered go far beyond candidate sourcing and initial placements. The recruitment team focuses on quality assurance, going the extra mile to make sure that selected teachers are strong matches for the position.

During the screening process, the recruiters handle critical steps like credential verification and reference checks to ensure teachers are well-equipped to exceed expectations on the job. Additionally, they factor in various intangibles to assess culture fit, making it easier to find top talent that meshes with unique school and district values, perspectives, and more.

Staffing Agencies Implement Rigorous Screening and Vetting Processes

Education staffing services understand the importance of quality when hiring teachers to fill vacant positions. That’s why the recruitment firm develops and embraces robust screening and vetting processes to assess candidate capabilities.

Resume reviews, initial interviews, reference checks, credentials verifications, and much more are all part of the selection process. Through that strategic approach, the recruiters get an in-depth understanding of who a candidate is and what they bring to the table. As a result, recruitment firms can ensure that teachers not only have the desired qualifications but also align with a school’s or district’s unique culture.

Overcome Teacher Shortages with a Top Education Staffing Agency Today

Ultimately, teacher shortages are pervasive, and many schools and districts are struggling to find the talented educators they need to ensure their success. Fortunately, achieving your hiring goals is easier with the right support.

When you’re searching for education staffing agencies in Baltimore, Washington DC, or Philadelphia choosing a leading provider is essential. At Alignstaffing, we’re passionate about helping schools find the teachers and administrators they need to thrive. The education industry is one of our core areas of expertise, allowing us to properly support educational institutions of all sizes.

If you need to overcome the teacher shortage and want to partner with a top education staffing agency, Alignstaffing is here to help. Partner with Alignstaffing today to see how the right solution can make an impact.