Networking Advice for the Introvert in Us All

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Practice your networking skills with Align Staffing!

We all have those friends who are the life of every party. They can talk to anyone about anything and can maintain relationships in an effortless manner. They’re extroverts by nature, and you’re sure to find them at every brunch, pool party, or neighborhood function. You like to keep to yourself and while you enjoy seeing friends every now and then, most functions are an anxiety-ridden chore for you. You wish you could be like the others doing back flips off the diving board, and maybe you can be.

Meeting people is difficult for you, and you’re not alone. In college, you were able to seek courage in the bottom of a questionable solo cup. But, you’re not in college anymore. You need to maintain relationships with people in order to establish yourself in your career. You don’t need to be the one to shake every hand you see, but you do need to make the effort. You need to network, and Align Staffing can help you do that.

  1. Go

I know you don’t want to go to that bowling party your boss is throwing for the 3rd time this month, but your absence is doing more harm than good at this point. When you show your face at after-work functions, you’re proving that this position is worth the extra time. You’re showing your employer your appreciation for throwing these events, and you’re establishing your presence in the company as a person – and not just an employee. Just going is the first step to your networking journey.

  1. Listen

Before you speak, listen. Learn a little bit about your co-workers and take the time to hear what they have to say. This will ease the tension when it comes to asking questions and establishing your voice. Networking isn’t just about throwing yourself into the fire, but also ensuring that you have flame resistant gear.

  1. Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

Thanks for the advice, Eleanor! You don’t need to bungee jump from a bridge to meet these criteria, but it’s important to feel the pitter-patter of your heart every day. Maybe you want to level-up in the business world. Rather than sitting at your desk hoping that it’ll happen, make it happen. Introduce yourself—send that email—what do you have to lose? You may prefer to stay at the comfort of your desk, but you have to do something different to get something different.

Practice Your Networking With Alignstaffing

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