What Makes Us More Than Just a Staffing Company?

Early in grade school Aaron Copeland was faced with challenges of being misunderstood, seeming overly inquisitive, having behavioral issues, and being disruptive in class. Aaron grew up the 3rd of four children in a blue-collar, middle class family exposed to a public school system with limited resources to properly assess the needs of its children, particularly those requiring Special Education. Because of his own in-school experience, Aaron quickly developed a compassion for helping kids with special needs. More significantly, it taught him the importance of connecting the right staff in education, social services and behavioral health with people in need. The seeds for a purposeful life mission were sown early, so after running a successful CPA practice for a few years, Aaron went on to found Alignstaffing – something that he had dreamed of since his difficult childhood.

Alignstaffing began by helping public charter schools in the Washington, D.C. metro area find qualified related service providers to nurture students with special needs. We believe that every child deserves an education surrounded by uplifting teachers, skilled school administrators, and passionate, like-minded educators. Accordingly, we expanded our expertise to cover staffing needs in the inter-connected fields of Behavioral Health, Education and Social Services.

But along with cultivating expertise in these fields, we also developed and honed a new team approach that utilized our own Rapport™method to always match the right talent with the right opportunity. In addition, we are committed to using the latest in digital and mobile technologies to make the staffing experience for our candidates and clients simple and mutually rewarding. In this regard, we have developed and will be soon launching our Substitute Management Recruiting Team System (SMRT) app for the iOS and Android platforms that addresses a critical need in the education sector by making the availability of substitute teachers simple, easy and fast.

Nonetheless, in trying to really understand why we are more than just a staffing company, it is critical to understand our mission:

“To reduce the impact of persistent poverty in underserved communities by removing barriers so members can contribute and lead in the broader society, and the next generation can invest in themselves.”

To fulfill this mission, we are guided by four core principles that can be summarized as follows:

  • Quality of life for our staff, clients, business partners and community.
  • Commitment to delivering an exceptional experience.
  • Making our expertise a distinguishing value.
  • Making the complex simple.

It’s our holistic approach, in which we strive to fulfill the needs of the communities we serve by aligning with their goals in the fields of Behavioral Health, Education and Social Services, that makes us more than just a staffing company – one that is dedicated to achieving its overarching mission!