Dealing with Rejection

Don’t let the job-search-blues get you down!

The job search blues can get you down. It’s a process that involves putting your best self out there just to receive the sting of rejection. Rejection comes in all forms. It comes as an automatic reply from the head of HR, it comes as a “no thank you” after your second interview, and sometimes it comes in the ambiguous drone of silence.

Being down in the dumps isn’t just a problem for your self-esteem; it’s a problem for your job search, too. Your lack of confidence may lead you to miss a great opportunity. Studies show that one way to handle rejection is to practice having a resilient mindset. When a person meets their challenges with a constructive approach and focuses on the opportunities, he/she will stay positive and adaptable to curveballs.

Evaluate Your Resume

The first thing you should do when faced with several job rejections is to carefully evaluate your resume. Before you take any further steps into your job search, ensure that your resume is tweaked to perfection. Double check for typos, structure, and format. Are you specifying your resume to each employer? Make sure every change you’re making is carefully looked over. Even the smallest imperfection is enough reason for an employer to give you an automatic no.

Process Your Emotions

Evaluate how you feel. If you’re angry, are you allowing yourself to become bitter? Are you allowing your anger to dictate the manner of your job search? If you’re experiencing sadness, are you putting your job search on hold? Realize how this is affecting your job search. Recognize that it is happening, and then act on it.

Acting On It

The key to getting a good job is to be persistent. You may have applied to 20 jobs already. Now apply for 20 more. If you want something in this life then you have to try until you obtain it. If obtaining a job is your key focus, then don’t let a simple rejection get in your way. The job market is competitive for a reason.  Maintaining a resilient, confident mindset will open you up to more possibilities and opportunities.

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