Our Commitment to Improving Marketing Operations

Published September 28, 2020

In staffing, there are a few troubling trends we see often. Promises can be made without concrete strategies, a predictive business model, or multiple points of quality assurance.

At Alignstaffing, we’ve put a lot of time into ensuring this won’t happen. Thanks to the global pandemic, maybe we’ve spent too much time! We’ve re-tooled, and then re-tooled again. We’ve turned our operations inside out. We’ve asked ourselves a lot of questions, hard questions. We’ve come up with some good answers. And now, we are implementing strategic changes in our service offerings and operations, as well as execution.

To our valued clients, you’ll see our continued commitment to business risk management and a host of Alignstaffing enhancements detailed below. For our new or prospective clients, I am happy to introduce you to our elevated levels of service.

Alignstaffing’s Continued Commitment to:

Business Risk Reduction

COVID-19 has caused all businesses to reduce costs any and everywhere they can. Every task must be streamlined and evaluated for necessity, and we’re happy to offer you our perspective. We believe our decision to become the employer of record for our contingent staffing services reduces the unnecessary surprises to your evolving strategic plans. With the changing legislative landscape (Senate and possible Presidency changing political parties), the “Uber” model of sustaining and supporting your supplemental workforce could be threatened with taxes and penalties.

Employee Management

We continue to take each candidate through a vigorous process of credentialing and interviews to determine the candidate that matches your needs and environment. We work with your Human Resources or other designated department to onboard and resolve any issues that may present itself during the engagement of our staff.

Alignstaffing’s Commitment to Improvement:

Complete Overhaul of Technology

Over the last serval months, we examined our technology and client experience to improve efficiency. We reduced the number of touch points to serve our clients, and made background data completely accessible for each person that contributes to your organization.

For clients with high volumes, we have enhanced technology to allow for client requests and responses in less than three minutes. In many cases, eligible candidates are listed for you and ready for deployment. With additional technology, Alignstaffing can make better personality matches with candidates, creating a seamless, smooth transition.

Local and State Automation

Last year both the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland implemented new requirements for hiring new staff. Prior to COVID-19, Alignstaffing instated the process much like everyone else. Now, using both our knowledge of the legal requirements and system acumen, we have automated the entire process. All records are stored in our systems available for you at your request, anytime.

COVID-19 Clearance

Great ideas mean nothing if we are  complicit in spreading one of the most dangerous viruses in our lifetime. Our goals remain to protect our communities, and that means we must continue to provide them with safe services.

We’ve searched every app available, and to date there is NO technology approved as a screener for COVID-19. Before any Talent arrives at the client site, they must complete a self-assessment. If they fail the assessment, they cannot report to work. Each completed assessment is submitted and filed at Alignstaffing’s HR department.

These changes are just the big ones, and we aren’t finished yet. Expect more, much more.

We look forward to making this year a great year!

Thank you,


Aaron Copeland

CEO of Alignstaffing