CEO Corner: Self-Confidence is a Choice

Most of us are aware of the self management needed for learning new tasks and skills. Initially, we may experience some doubt in the process; however, eventually we overcome.

Our formal education environment is an example of the cycle of excitement, low self-confidence and doubt, and overcoming. From elementary school through college our instructors share new information, test our knowledge and sometimes shake our confidence. Once we become familiar, we settle down and get comfortable. We graduate and then life happens. Answers are not as clear, stakes are higher, and sometimes we don’t know the question to ask. The more crippling cause of doubting our confidence is the unintended or intended comments from others.

Managing Self-Doubt
There are several useful strategies to manage self-doubt caused by crippling comments (google self-confidence). However, there are two additional strategies I’ll contribute to manage the mental restlessness.

1. Over communicate.
Very few people are intent on hurting you; therefore, search for the ‘why’ in their comment. The comment may be from a perspective you never considered. Over communicating helps you stop the untrue negative story replaying in your mind.

2. Stay in the game.
At times you must physically separate from the source of your angst; but, mentally be in control and present. Make your decisions on your terms.

“Growing is tough. Don’t give up on yourself. Give yourself a chance to learn and grow.”

If you’re looking for more tips on self-confidence, I encourage you to watch the TEDx speech “The skill of self-confidence” from Dr. Ivan Joseph.

Self-confidence is a matter of choice and practice. Put yourself in the driver’s seat.

Hope this helps in making you a stronger you. Enjoy the ride.

Thanks for reading,

Aaron Copeland