5 Ways to Build Strong Remote Relationships

Staying connected feels more important than ever. This year, COVID-19 set the stage for a new working world that could be remote for the long haul.

Although you may not miss your commute, you might find that managing work relationships, both new and old, are challenging. For jobs that rely heavily on personal connections, such as teachers or mental healthcare workers, it may feel impossible.

Conversations on a screen could seem forced or even tiring, but with the right intentions and tips, you can take control and continue building healthy connections.

Here are a few ways to stay connected:

Connect with purpose on multiple platforms. Use technology to your advantage. Explore video tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Office Teams, and Google Meet to schedule face-to-face time. Or, make a free survey using Google Forms to get honest feedback.

Make time for non-work-related conversations. When you meet with your coworkers, put down the agenda. Set aside time for activities such as virtual happy hours, coffee meetings, book clubs, or group fitness classes. For easy ice-breaker questions, check out these 70 get-to-know-you questions from The Muse.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. Be the first to reach out. Call co-workers, clients, or students to check up on them. Personal phone calls are a valuable and effective way to build a reliable and comfortable support system.

Have a little fun. This year, you likely saw a few viral videos of teachers hosting car parades, writing letters, or participating in dance video challenges to keep their students engaged. One teacher from Baltimore even shaved his head to get students to do their homework. Follow their lead. See what big ideas you can come up with to connect with your most valued connections – from a safe distance of course.

Be human. No matter the conversation, listen closely and ask how you can help solve their biggest problem that week. All great relationships require trust and care, and this is how you can show it.