4 Ways that LinkedIn Could Help you Land a Job

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Learn how LinkedIn could help you land your dream job!

LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented social networking service that can help you land your next dream job. It isn’t Facebook, where users can post their daily thoughts and pictures from their summer vacation. Rather, it’s a tool that professionals use to connect with other professionals. Consider it the online version of a networking event. If you haven’t been using LinkedIn to advance your job search, here’s how to start.

Complete Your Profile

The process may take you an hour, or even two, but it’s worth it. Completed LinkedIn profiles are seven times more likely to be viewed, and eleven times more likely when they include a photograph. Instead of listing your previous jobs, take the time to describe your responsibilities and what you learned from the position.

Pick and Choose

With any social media, you can curate your site to depict an image of yourself that you want other people to perceive. This sentiment remains true for professional sites such as LinkedIn. You can hand pick the skills that you have in order to get a job in the field you want.

Follow Your Dreams

You can, quite literally, follow your dream companies on LinkedIn. There are over three million company pages on the site. Following the ones you’re interested in will give you more insight into the company and give you more exposure.

Build Your Network

When you make connections with other professionals on LinkedIn, you’re expanding your professional network. This means that you’re making yourself more visible to recruiters and more attractive to companies in your field.

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