4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid while in the Job Search


Avoid these social media mistakes!

Social media is a great way to network professionally online. Through many different professional sites such as LinkedIn, many job searchers are able to connect with opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable to them due to geography or general circumstance. Every new avenue of communication is another chance for the world to seem smaller and more connected.

While you may doing a decent job at managing your professional social media sites in an appropriate way, ensuring that you’re conducting yourself in a professional manner is necessary for any social media platform you access. Avoid these social media mistakes or run the risk of losing that job.

Complaining about your Job/Boss

Never burn your bridges. When it comes to the professional world, it’s imperative that you maintain healthy relationships in all of your jobs. A poor recommendation could be the difference between landing your dream job or losing it. You may think your complaints are harmless, but any negative feedback about your former or current employer could have a negative impact on your future.

Posting Pictures with Alcohol

You may be over 21, but if your field requires that you conduct yourself in a professional manner, drinking is a big “no”. A teacher posted a picture of herself enjoying several cocktails while on vacation and the photograph made a parent of her student very uncomfortable. She was suspended for inappropriate behavior. Avoid these photographs at all times.

Using Poor/Foul Language

A survey recently found that 66% of employers look negatively upon poor spelling and grammar on social media. Your texting language may be more convenient for you when you type, but it’s showing a prospective employer that you don’t care much about professional language.

Early Celebration

Did you have an amazing interview? That’s wonderful news, but keep it to yourself until you hear back from the company. Businesses value discretion, and when you gloat too early, you’re affecting the prospects of maintaining a position or even getting the position.

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