Our Story

Grade school was a challenge for Alignstaffing CEO Aaron Copeland. His overly inquisitive and at times disruptive behavior was misunderstood by his teachers who, without the resources to properly assess or provide adequate treatment for his behavior, sent him to special education classes.

This experience instilled in Aaron a deep compassion for kids with special needs. That’s why in 1998, after building up a successful CPA practice, he founded Alignstaffing with the vision to connect these children with the level of qualified educators and behavioral health professionals that were not available to him.

That’s how our story began—connecting D.C. public charter school students with the level of behavioral health talent they so desperately needed. Soon after, we expanded our focus to include three core industries: education, behavioral health, and social services.

Today, we’ve grown to a multi-location recruiting firm, dedicated to improving our community and creating a remarkable experience for all those we serve.